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Partnering with The Ward Foundation

The Ward Foundation is a private foundation, formed in 2018, which focuses on increasing access to education for underserved people in New Orleans, LA and Guatemala.

We like to partner with organizations with the following attributes:


Resourceful and Dynamic 

Big problems often require inventive approaches and some outside-the-box thinking. We enjoy working with organizations with a culture that embodies a proactive and creative approach to problem-solving.

Resilient and Nimble

We recognize that all organizations bump into unexpected challenges. We look to partner with learning organizations that are designed to respond quickly and effectively to these moments.

Focused with Vision


While addressing immediate and basic human needs is often critical, we are curious about how organizations also integrate a disciplined focus on addressing root causes.

Efficient but Not Cheap


We are not focused on macro numbers of clients served, but do look at meaningful interventions with an evident and clear cost-benefit ratio. While we are not fixated on allocations, we will look at your financials to understand the expense distribution to evaluate efficiency and impact.

Embody an Abundance Mindset

We value actions that demonstrate a commitment to collaboration with others.

What a great partnership looks like for the Ward Foundation:


Partnership Over Paperwork 


We believe that the best way to understand an organization, including its challenges and its impact, is by first-hand experience.  While some paperwork is unavoidable, we prefer to see the impact of our investment rather than read about it.  We want our partner organizations to focus their time and attention where it is needed most--on their mission.

Trust and Transparency


The Ward Foundation appreciates the value of flexibility and is open to funding the general operations of a partner organization.

Share Your Successes and Struggles


We are eager to learn about your learning journey and, whenever possible or relevant, to be a thought partner for you.


Support Beyond Financial Resources


We acknowledge that the lion’s share of expertise around education is in the field. However, we hope that partners can also access and find value in the Ward Foundation’s emerging network of like-focused organizations.

Fluid and Informal Communication


When we enter into a partnership, we will provide you with optional templates (for proposals to the Foundation as well as budget templates, if needed) to facilitate the exchange of information. We will also aim to have an occasional, informal conversation with you to stay abreast of progress.

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